ABout Our Project and Elders of Ki

Our goal is to revolutionize the NFT and gaming cryptosphere to create a more game-like environment in DeFi, with developmental goals and revolutionary potential. Since our inception, we have strived to set the standard of what cryptocurrencies should be and we always endeavor to find new and exciting ways to add value to our community.

Our main mission is to launch our epic Trading card game that will be launched in physical, digital, and web3 spaces. This will be our mission to combine all these elements so no matter if you are a novice or a pro, it will have something for everyone to enjoy. 

Our main crypto Currency is Pika Crypto. Launched in August of 2021, This token has shown that it can survive anything and will be here to last. We strive to create lucrative tokenomics so everyone can benefit. prefer quick buys and sells? Pika aims to create more volume especially once the tcg launches. want to buy and hold? stake your tokens on our staking page to fully take advantage of the long term game. want to play a game? with our future trading card game, you will be able to join ranked matches with pika and compete to win more pika!

Elders of Ki Clans

Aquatic Clan

This clan rules the depths of the seas. Arrogant, strong, and dangerous are all terms used to describe anyone in the Aquatic clan. Very territorial, most do not cross their path or have peace offerings ready if they do.

Dasos Clan

This clan is the largest in all of Zagreus. They are the very foundation of civilization and the core strength in Zagreus to creating a better future for all kind.

Voltaic Clan

This clan views all other clans as weak and worthless. Kings, Queens, and Tyrants are born from the Voltaic clan and they rule with an iron fist. Their mission is to purify all those who they deem unworthy of life itself.

Erimos Clan

This clan is founded out of intense longing and loneliness. This clan was created to survive against all odds. Usually found in the most inhospitable climates.

Pyronic Clan

This clan is built with fire and passion. This clan usually does not work together well and can be found throughout the land of Zagreus. They tend to cause destruction and chaos everywhere they go.

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Partners of Pika Crypto

Check out our partnerships! We work with each one of these partners to better create usability, credibility, and strength to our project. If you are a brand or project that wants to join us in what we do, please join our telegram: t.me/pikatokenofficial

Our Tokenomics

Pika Crypto

Elders of Ki and TheKraft Ecosystem

Uses: Staking, Upgrading, Basic Booster Packs, NFTs

Location: Obtained on exchanges, swaps and competitions

Fees: 5% Transaction Fee(3% to staking rewards)(1% to community Proposal Wallet)


Community Proposal Wallet 🤝

With the PIKA community,  we have created a voting system on all things that can change the course of PIKA. 1% of all buys/sells go to this community proposal wallet to help fund the final results of the things we work for.

Staking Benefits 💵

With every buy/sell transaction, 3% of that goes into the staking rewards as ETH. The more PIKA you have staked, the more ETH rewards you get.

Auto BURN 🔥

1% of PIKA is burned with every buy/sell transaction. The total supply of the token drops, making PIKA more scarce. This adds long term value to holding PIKA.

Locked Liquidity 🔒

Initial LP tokens have been locked until 2028. This means funds are Safu.


Our Roadmap

Unlike most roadmaps with a quarterly timeframe, we work in phases. These phases are then checked off as we complete items to launch our TCG, elders of ki. any new things we work for, or vote for, we will have listed here for users to get a visual of what we can and will achieve. 

Phase 1

phase 2

phase 3

phase 4

Elders of Ki Progress

Season 1 artwork
EOK Lore
Lore of the Elders Book
Card stats finalized