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"Life is a Game"

Pikacrypto is the lifeblood and core of GameFi AG. It is the premier token in a 3 token ecosystem used accross the GameFi platforms. It has unique tokenomics and also interacts with the other two tokens THUNDER and RAI to create a system of evolution. PIKA is an ERC-20 project is setting the standard with it's use in the KRAFT the GameFi NFT marketplce. Coming soon are card booster packs, evolutionary staking and deflationary tokenomics, which is just some of our electrifying features. Members of Pika Crypto have unlimited choices in how they decide to profit. You will be able to evolve to our Thunder and Rai coins. These allow you to access rarer NFTs and booster packs as well as special perks. Alternatively you can stake or enter into our unique liquidity provisions contract, allowing you receive passive income every fortnight. Sit back and watch the supply run down as more transactions happen. Our charts are practically bot free due to our 2.25 % entry and exit fee so no need to worry about being frontrun. Welcome to Pika Crypto. Where the possibilities are endless.

what is pika

Game-Fi is a term coined by the Pika team to describe it’s ecosystem and the way finance is merging with games. The term Game-Fi is a combination of two words, Gaming and Finance.

The gaming part derives from users being able to do a variety of things with their coins and NFTs. Users can stake to gain more, evolve to much rarer coins using a fixed conversion rate and use their coins to buy NFT’s for our soon to come Trading Card Game on The KRAFT. With NFTs being integrated into games and even our daily lives, there are different ways of playing GameFi and many ways to financially profit.

Welcome to PIKA. Welcome to Game-Fi.


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Frequent Asked Questions

Where can I buy PIKA?

- PIKA: Uniswap, XT and CoinTiger

How can I buy PIKA?

1 - Head over to
2 - Connect your wallet
3 - Set slippage to 2.5%
4 - Click buy

Where can I contact the Pika team?

You can direct message our team via Telegram
- MR. F.
- @K_N23N
Or alternatively you can drop us a message on:

What are the right contract for PIKA?

You can find the contracts above:
- Pika Contract: 0x60f5672a271c7e39e787427a18353ba59a4a3578

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